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What we do

We provide households and individuals with the Health and Social Services, Education, Skills, Exposure and confidence they need to help themselves, their households and their communities...


Orphaned and vulnerable children, affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, giving access to essential social and health services to support their survival and development.


Helping ensure that orphans and vulnerable children receive education, promoting regular school attendance, with particular attention to constraints that prevent them from attending school.


Pregnant and Parenting teens often are balancing their lives and being a parent. Ensuring that adolescent parents receive adequate social and emotional, medical, and academic support is essential to the parent and the baby’s future.


We provide Community based HIV Testing and Services. Testing, Prevention, Linkage to Care and Treatment. TB screening. Adherence Clubs and Decanting services, With efforts to reach the people at greatest risk – namely adolescent girls and young women, men, and key population groups including men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, transgender people, and people in prison or closed settings.

Message from Executive Director

On behalf of the Board, staff, the community and myself, I want to welcome you to our online presence, Please feel free to browse through our webpages and learn among other things, who we are, what we do, the services we offer, how to access services, available volunteering opportunities and much more.

Executive Director Message

As a non-profit organization, GPFO's funds, resources and decisions are directed for the sole purpose of the delivery of care to the community we serve. To those more than 15000 plus people who already receive services and offer their services, I want to thank you for allowing GPFO to be at your service. If you are not one of these people, we look forward to serving and working with you.

Executive Director Message

All community members are welcome to receive and contribute to the services we offer. If you or someone you know is seeking a home community based care service, support groups and prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS in the form of peer education and more, we invite you to visit our organisation, or to get in touch.

Who we are

Gugulethu Parents For Orphans is bringing services to over 16000 people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections every year. GPFO is a community based organization committed to empowering families and the community to take care of their own health, to ensure that families who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS access Home Based Care Health services, counselling and social grants within their own communities and create an atmosphere that does not discriminate. We make every effort to attend to the needs of people who are suffering, in need and in distress Orphaned children, no child deserves to grow up without love, guidance and essential needs, People living with HIV / AIDS. We provide practical assistance in communities for children who lost their parents, PLWHA, Elderly people, Anyone struggling to access social grant , we assist community member struggling to get identity documents and Primary health care.

We believe that each of us can serve the needy and vulnerable. We can offer several opportunities to empower needy communities locally. Any amount you donate, any minute of your precious time, and any skills you utilize to serve the needy matters. A gift as small as $5 goes a long way in saving lives, restoring hope, and empowering people in poverty to self-reliance We recieve Government subsidy funding through the Department of Health and Social Development and sometimes The National Lottery Board, PEPFAR and others, this represents about 40% of our needs. The other 60% of our funding has to be raised from private or corporate donors and funders. In order to keep ahead of the curve, funding is of critical importance. The cost of running our programmes relies on a continuous flow of funding. If you are able to assist us in any way, whether it be with a donation towards the day to day running costs of our organisation or to sponsor a specific project, or in kind, we will be extremely grateful.
Services to OVCs are rendered through the Home-Community Based Care programme. We offer support for orphaned and vulnerable children, especially those who are vulnerable as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, enabling them to access essential social services to support their survival and development. We contribute to increasing coverage of community and home based care, support and protection for OVCs, and to assist the Department of Social Development to better coordinate and monitor OVCs increasing the number of them who can access available services. We provide crucial needed interface between children, their caregivers and available social services in the communities where children live. We identify the children, help them apply for social grants, get medical treatment and provide monthly food parcel, clothe the children and help provide them with time for recreation and play.
To promote, restore and mantain a person's maimal level of comfort, encourage participation by people's response to the needs of the people. Encourage traditional community life and create responsibility.

To empower families and the community to take care of their own health, to ensure that families who are HIV/AIDS infected and affected access HBC, counselling and social grant within their own communities and create an atmosphere that not discriminate.

These are the people leading GPFO Programmes.