About Us

Our History

Gugulethu Parents For Orphans was established by Leonard Nzama (today an Executive director of Gugulethu Parents For Orphans) Gugulethu is based in Gauteng, South Africa, it was established as an HIV/AIDS support group project. Established as an independent NGO in Vosloorus, in the Eastrand area of South Africa in 2006, 35 members rectified the constitution. This was followed by the registration, as an NGO in July 2007.


Today Gugulethu Parents For Orphans is bringing services to over 730 people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections. GPFO is a human rights organization committed to empowering families and the community to take care of their own health, to ensure that families who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS access Home Based Care Health services, counselling and social grants within their own communities and create an atmosphere that does not discriminate. We make every effort to attend to the needs of people who are suffering, in need and in distress Orphaned children, no child deserves to grow up without love, guidance and essential needs, People living with HIV / AIDS. We provide practical assistance in communities for children who lost their parents, PLWHA, Elderly people, Anyone struggling to access social grant , we assist community member struggling to get identity documents and Primary health care.


Today Gugulethu Parents for Orpharns has moved into a direction where it is championing custodians of a sustainable future, the following programmes have been added: 1.Youth Empowerment and Mentoring, 2. Pioneers of change communities of practice namely: a). Arts for Social Change, b). Creative Gatheringsc). Communities Change makers. d). Communities Social Entrepreneurship e.) Communities Sustainability f.) Communities Story Telling Journey g.) Communities Stewards Space.

These programmes will self organise under the stewardship of Gugulethu Parents for Orphans


To empower families and the community to take care of their own health, to ensure that families who are HIV/AIDS infected and affected access HBC, counselling and social grant within their own communities and create an atmosphere that not discriminate.

To provide individuals with the Support, education, skills and confidence they need to help themselves, their households and their communities.


To Help create Healthy vibrant sustainble communities, creating self-reliant communities of empowered and engaged individuals, who improve their quality of life and alleviate poverty


Health and Social Welfare: To promote, restore and maintain a person's maximal level of comfort.

To encourage participation in response to vibrant community needs, encouraging traditional community life and create responsibility.

To break the cycle of poverty and HIV/AIDS before it is passed on to the next generation!!


"Every individual will be treated with dignity, respect

and compassion."

" Love in the time of HIV/AIDS"