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  • Contact Person Leonard Nzama

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    Your help, donations and support will make it possible for us to continue providing our services.

    If you prefer to donate by direct deposit or internet transfer, please let us know in order for your donation to be acknowledged.

    Once your transaction is complete, please provide us with your name, contact number, postal address, amount deposited and date. For information purposes, please include how you heard about us – if a first time donor.

    Your information may be sent by e-mail to: or


    Bank details

    Gugulethu Parents For Orphans
    Bank: Nedbank
    Account No: 1002688280
    Branch Code: 114005

    Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

    19482 Banjul Crecent
    Vosloorus Ext 29



Special Thanks

National Lottery Board, The Department of Health and Social Development, AoN Benfield currently our source of funding.


100% of the funding we recieve goes directly to supporting our community work, training programs and stipends. We cover some of our running and administration costs from our income generating programs, as such we will; greatly appreciate as much sponsorship / funding as possible which maintains the significance and essence of our cause. Funding will be tax deductible in line with the Income Tax Act.

Material Goods & Food Parcels

We happily accept donations of material goods. Any furniture and or appliances, Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers; Linen, Clothing, Curtains, Toys, Books, Crockery and Cutlery will make a difference. Food parcels will be greatly appreciated and they will come in hand for the families that are in need of nutritious food.


Our efforts have a huge impact on the communities that we serve, our active HIV/Aids campaigns are contributing to the decrease of HIV/Aids prevalence. However more still needed to be done, this calls for increased action on our awareness campaings.


The main set back in our work is lack of adequate funds, resources, facilities and lack of adequate training for our team. Given better facilities, training and funding we will grow our services and continue to serve.


There are numerous opportunities for change to occur in the communities GPFO operates in. The following are the initial and long-term stages of what it will take to bring about community transformation while working alongside the people and furthering the growth of our efforts.

Youth Development and Mentorship
Arts for Social Change

Children Care Programs

Home Based Care Support

DOTS Support

Health/ Hygiene & HIV/ AIDS Education

Nutrition (Food Parcels & After School Care)

Agricultural Training & Community Gardening
Mushroom growing programme


The following GPFO initiatives help battle malnutrition, deal with HIV and AIDS.

Food Distribution

Food parcels distribution to members of the communities we serve, 300 beneficiaries, recieving food parcels

Our goal is to feed all beneficiaries,730 and help reduce that number through empowering families and community at large to start earning a living with some being employed by the organisation which is ever expanding..

Health Care Kits –

Provide home based health care kits to care givers as they go out into the community showing compassion to those with HIV/AIDS, and other terminal conditions. These are inexpensive ways to reach out to those in need.


One of our primary OBJECTIVES is to run programs that will lead to self sufficiency. Starting with food gardens, where beneficiaries are encouraged to participate and eventuary start their own food gardens.

We are currently consulting on mushroom growing which we have added to our food program both as a source of income and food.