Gpfo Story of Hope.
We endevour to bring the services close to the homes of the caregivers and assist them by determining the needs of the child that are not being met and assisting with meeting these needs.

OVC Care


Sustainbility Programme
In order to ensure food provision and security to the OVC, we have been advocating that community volunteers together with the communities that they support seek local solutions for their problems.Food Garden


Changing lives.
Promoting positive youth development, focusing on improving the lives of community youths. This is an intentional pro-social initiative engaging youths of our community.

Youth Power


Creative engagement
A wide range of programmes that place artists at the centre of re-imagining the possibilities of what communities could be and how to create this together.

Arts for Social Change


Skills and Technology
Shared public access to ICTs relevant to community needs and requirements mainly in the form of computers, internet, scanning, digital material processing, and fax services. Improving access to informationInfo Tech


Changing lives.
Sport for Social Change Initiative is a pioneering program that uses the convening power of sports as a vehicle to minimize the effects of poverty on marginalized youth and young adult populations.

Our Mission

Creating empowered communities. Our mission is to empower poor communities to self-reliance through education and health programmes